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Thoughtful Design, Playful Thinking


In zwei Formaten beleuchten wir das Thema Haltung in Design und Technologie. Wir starten mit zwei Keynotes, gefolgt von zwei Lab-Sessions in der wir das Thema aus unterschiedlichen Positionen angehen. Den Abschluss bilden wiederum zwei Keynotes.

Die Veranstaltung ist mehrheitlich in Deutsch. Einzelne Vorträge sind in Englisch.

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  • 14:00


    Begrüssung durch Stefan Gelzer (Direktor SfG BB) im grossen Auditorium der Schule für Gestaltung Bern. Einführung ins Thema durch Roger Spindler und David Lüscher.
Keynotes 1 & 2
Lab Sessions 1 & 2
Keynotes 3 & 4
Impact-Driven Design: Expanding the Design Toolbox to Address Tomorrow's Challenges

Impact-Driven Design: Expanding the Design Toolbox to Address Tomorrow's Challenges

Nina Valkanova, Global Lead for UX Design & Strategy at MING Labs (Keynote, 17:30, Auditorium)

From designing for mechanical interaction to designing for connection, engagement and collaboration: UX design has always shaped our behavior. In recent years, we have observed the recognition of its strategic value within the highest levels of corporations. Yet now, more than ever, we need to reflect on the unprecedented impact of UX design on people, society and the planet. How can we make sure our ideas turn into meaningful outcomes, beyond profitability and a smooth engaging experience? In this talk, MING Labs' Global UX Lead Nina Valkanova shares an expanded view on Experience Design, and discusses a set of concrete approaches that can help us shape the products and services of tomorrow with a responsible, impact-driven mindset.

Nina Valkanova

As a Global Lead for UX Design & Strategy at MING Labs, Nina Valkanova is interested in combining people-centered design with a thoughtful business approach to create meaningful opportunities for people, communities and organizations. With 17+ years of experience in digital innovation, she has supported the UX and Service Design strategies for major international brands. Nina holds a PhD in Interaction Design and has led R&D projects across various mission-driven domains, including sustainability, well-being, public participation and the future of education in renowned institutions like Telekom Innovation Labs, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Ars Electronica FutureLab and University of Pompeu Fabra. Nina has exhibited her own work at the intersection of public art and data visualisation at various festival and conference venues.